Work experience

About the programme

At Grant Thornton, we do work experience differently. Our work experience programme is a unique insight and development programme that will give you a taste of what it's like to work in professional services. To apply to our programme you'll need to be in Year 12 or S5. 

Access Accountancy is a movement for change across the accountancy profession working to make sure that everyone has an equal chance of accessing career opportunities in our sector, regardless of background.

As part of our commitment and leadership of improved social mobility, we encourage applications from young people who meet the following Access Accountancy criteria:

  • attend a state school or college and;

  • are or have been eligible for free school meals (or attend a school that is above the regional average in terms of the number of students eligible for free school meals) or;

  • would be the first member of their immediate family to attend university.

Before you begin your work experience week with us, you’ll be invited along to an insights evening where you’ll spend some time getting to know our firm and people, as well as learning about what to expect during your placement.

You’ll then begin your placement with us, spending four days in one of our local offices to understand more about business, the way businesses work and the different types of career opportunities available. 

You'll take part in various exercises and sessions throughout your time with us all of which are designed to give you the best start to your career, and for you to have fun along the way. Sessions include group exercises to help you develop key skills such as team work and communication.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of the three main business areas of our firm (Audit, Tax and Advisory - more on them in the next section below) by taking part in insight sessions and practical exercises relating to these areas.

You'll be pitching a business idea to a panel like a real business adviser would do and there'll also be plenty of opportunity for you to learn about networking and to practice these skills with your fellow Grant Thornton colleagues. 

We'lll cover all costs associated with being a part the programme such as travel, lunches etc.

Business areas

  • Audit
  • Tax
  • Advisory

Our clients are operating in uncertain times, trust and integrity in financial markets is needed more than ever -  it's our job to work with them to make a difference and fulfil their responsibility to their stakeholders.

From the outset, you’ll spend most of your time on site with clients, across a variety of sectors, as part of an audit team, to get a real insight into how they work. Assignments range from a few days to eight weeks.

It can be pretty challenging since you’ll be studying and doing hands-on audit work; examining company accounts, carrying out audit tests, attending stock takes and completing audit files. You could also specialise in public sector audit, where you’ll deal with government departments, public services and local authorities.

To find out more about what it's like to work in audit, click here.

Our clients look to us not only to save money, but also to ensure they are operating within the law. The serious, and often expensive, consequences of bad tax advice mean that the work we do is of huge importance. Tax is a cost to their business and we are here to help them operate efficiently to manage that.

As a tax adviser you'll be working with organisations or individuals, interpreting complex legislation and delivering solutions in a way that the client understands. 

You'll work towards a professional qualification while getting varied and challenging on the ground experience.

To find out more about what it's like to work in tax, click here.

As a business adviser within a team in advisory, you’ll have a large amount of responsibility, as you help businesses start, expand or begin a new chapter. Our advisory teams are involved in some of the most interesting parts of a business cycle and with some of the most exciting clients out there.

Our new advisory programme isn't your standard programme. It's a dynamic rotational programme involving a broad insight into the varying teams within our advisory function. Or, in some offices you can specialise from the outset. 

Whichever area you choose to join, you'll work towards a professional qualification alongside gaining experience with early responsibility working on varied and challenging assignments across a broad range of clients.

To find out more about what it's like to work in advisory, click here.

What's in it for me?

  • Training & Development
  • Salary & Reward
  • Career Progression

As well as all the experience and insight you'll gain during the week, you’ll take part in a workshop that will help you develop skills that will be critical for any future career. Once the week placement is finished, you’ll be given a mentor to help you work out your own next career steps. You’ll also be invited along to a skills workshop to gain key employability skills such as CV writing, mock interviews and assessment day guidance. 

Throughout the programme you will be given an opportunity to build your networks with current trainees, directors and partners who will help you understand more about life as a business adviser. This should set you up for success whether you’re planning on going straight into the world of work or heading off to university for further study.

Some of our work experience students go on to join our school leaver programme. Our school leavers join us on a five year programme where you'll balance client work with study and revision for professional exams. It's a challenging few years and you'll need to be dedicated and focused on passing exams and working with clients.

Of course, you’ll get the professional qualifications that come with our first class training, but our aim is to grow trusted business people with real-world experience. So you won’t be stuck doing the same thing over and over, but gain valuable experience out on client sites, with exposure to organisations of all shapes and sizes across a broad range of sectors.

All our people get a competitive salary and if you join us on our school leaver programme you will too. Salaries vary across our offices and are based on the cost of living and local market rates.

There's our employee recognition scheme too – where our people recognise each other for the great things they do. Whether it's a shout out, a voucher or a special treat for when someone has gone the extra mile, there's always an opportunity to recognise or be recognised for doing a fantastic job.  

You'll also find out about our culture of shared enterprise where all our people are entitled to a share of the profit on top of their salary – meaning that in our culture we're all inspired to contribute ideas towards the future of our business, to take responsibility in making them happen and as a result share in the reward that they bring.

This combined with a competitive salary alongside flexble benefit options are what you'll benefit from if you go on to join us on our school leaver programme. 

Joining our school leaver programme will accelerate your career at the heart of business.

Our school leavers join us on a five year programme where you'll balance client work with study and revision for professional exams. It's a challenging few years and you'll need to be dedicated and focused on passing exams and working with clients. Of course, you’ll get the professional qualifications that come with our first class training, but our aim is to grow trusted business people with real-world experience. 

Your five year programme is just the start of your career with us. Once you qualify you'll be supported in making great decisions about what's next for you in Grant Thornton.

We know that there isn't a one size fits all approach to career progression so you'll get advice and guidance tailored to what you want to do next and where you want to be in future. Those who join us after school are just as successful as our graduates – if you join us straight after your A-levels you could qualify a year earlier than your peers who go to uni and join the graduate programme afterwards.

Where you take your career and how fast is up to you. You'll be given the tools and support you need to make it happen. 

To find out more about our school leaver programme, visit our page here

Who we're looking for

We’re looking for independent thinkers who seek out opportunities, love challenges and who are excited by business. Whether you’re looking for a fast track onto our Accelerate school leaver programme or to gain some great skills ahead of university, this experience will help you get there. 

You'll be down-to-earth and eager to be an active participant in your placement and beyond. 

Our CLEARR (Collaboration, Leadership, Excellence, Agility, Respect, Responsibility) values are really important to us and we're looking for people who are passionate about, and have a connection with, what we stand for as an organisation. Click here to find out a bit more.

How To Apply

The first step is to fill in the form on our initial registration page where you’ll need to register your interest in our programme by providing us with some key details such as your personal details and academic grades to date.

Once you’ve registered, one of our team will be in touch to talk you through the second stage which is a video interview. They’ll give you some tips on how to prepare so you can really show off your motivation, curiosity and determination. It’s nothing to worry about – we’ll give you lots of advice to really allow you to shine. You can also practice your interview technique and get comfortable with the software before doing the real thing. Click here to have a go, and don’t worry this isn’t assessed.

The video interview is our final stage of the application process and we select successful candidates from this point.

Read our blog here for some more tips on your application. Click the button below to start your application.